Despite the low temperatures this winter, children need to go for a walk. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the little plans they can do in season. That is why it is necessary to equip them with the best clothes to protect them from the cold. Without losing a bit of style, by wearing the trend coats.

This year, keeping warm should be a primary condition when it comes to dressing to avoid constipation. Especially if we talk about children. This year, classrooms and many rooms have the windows open due to the need for their ventilation. That is why when choosing a coat for our children, it is essential to take into account certain aspects. Comfortable and practical as possible, so they do not have to take it off.

The main characteristic of a coat is that it is comfortable so that it favors maximum freedom of movement. They can play, move and have fun with their jacket on. The composition of the garment is also very important since its touch favors its comfort and also when we are talking about children’s clothing it is essential that it has the appropriate characteristics. In the case of Marae, our garments are made with Merino wool that help regulate temperature. Even, this fabric avoids any allergies as they are 100% natural, is antibacterial and also very easy to care for.

However, we can avoid the cold by wearing the most sophisticated garments. For this reason, we show you two models that are the most successful this season, trend coats.

Trench coats

This garment has its origin in the military field. Its first confection was produced in England in 1887 and with a camel-colored cloth. However, its greatest success and diffusion takes place in the trenches of the Second World War after the British Royal Navy uniformed all its soldiers with one of these garments.

They are the classic that never fails, a safe bet for your children. With its hood and two front pockets, it is one of the most legendary designs in the fashion industry. It stands out for the design of its buttons. They were originally made of wood; at present they have been modernized with different materials.


This garment is the result of the adaptation of the layers that were used to cover the torso in galas and events of great relevance. Its progression has been varied both in the style of its cut and in the type of material used. Nowadays they tend to be more closed and with a more welcoming material than in their origin, but without losing their stylistic essence.

The cape is undoubtedly the queen of the collections when it comes to elegance. They give a special touch to the looks, also being especially comfortable when moving. One of its qualities is that they are very easy to dress, making it an ideal garment for the little ones. You can also extend its use until almost the end of spring thanks to its opening and its loose character.

In Marae Kids you will find these and other fantastic models to dress your children with the best quality. Style and comfort, to be so authentic and incredible, with these trend coats.