We all have had a sweater that itched when we put it on, right? This fact suggests that wool is a rough material. That’s not truth. Above all, if we talk about the variety of merino wool, the best natural option for making clothing. And of course, the one used to make the Marae Kids coats.

This natural fiber, from merino sheep, is characterized by having a very fine thickness: 15 – 25 micrometers. In fact, it is half that of a traditional common cattle wool; between 30 – 50 micrometer. This is due to the peculiarities that this breed of sheep presents. Merino sheep have thicker fur than the rest. This happens because you need to protect yourself from the extreme weather conditions of New Zealand (Oceania). What’s more, this process is also influenced by their careful diet.

But that is not all. In addition, the sheep is periodically sheared. In this way, it develops a finer and quality wool for when it reaches adulthood. Therefore, it is possible to obtain an average of 3 – 4 kg of wool per sheep per year. In some cases it goes up to 10kg.

It is a very particular fiber, which also brings together dozens of benefits. So take note of all the properties of merino wool and, therefore, of Marae Kids coats.

Properties and benefits

  • Soft to the touch. Garments made with merino wool are characterized by being very light, warm and soft. Therefore, itching and rashes on the skin are avoided.
  • Breathable. Due to the thickness of their fibers and also the braiding of the fabric, these garments can perspire through the entire material.
  • Thermal capacity. Marae coats, made with merino wool, maintain body heat in a more effective and natural way than other synthetic garments.
  • Repels water. It is curious how this fabric maintains its properties when wet. Therefore, it may be in contact with inclement weather such as fog or drizzle.
  • Flexibility and resistance. These characteristics make the Marae coat feel like a second skin, giving lightness to perform any movement.
  • Ecological. It is a natural (renewable) resource that does not need any chemical compound, and does not leave any environmental impact.
  • Antibacterial effect. Eliminates the appearance of odors, since bacteria do not remain on the wool. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash clothes frequently.
  • Fast dry. If we make a comparison, it is true that it dries less quickly than a synthetic fiber, but much earlier than natural cotton.
  • Solar protection. It contains keratin, a factor that helps protect the garment from ultraviolet rays. Resistance 50.
  • Resists fire. It is the least flammable fiber, compared to natural or synthetic fibers. In fact, if it burns, it will not melt on our skin.

Here you have the decalogue of merino wool. A total of ten benefits that perfectly summarize the philosophy of Marae Kids coats. Do not hesitate, and dress the little ones in the house with a quality garment.