If something, in this case a place, defines the history of Marae, that is Zamora. In these 42 years of the brand’s life, its only two locations have been Villarrín de Campos, where the current managers were born, and Coreses, where they currently have their own factory. A rootedness in their origins, which is a faithful reflection in their garments. They bet on traditional sewing and weaving.

Although they now position themselves as one of the Spanish children’s fashion firms with the most international potential, in this time they have gone through various phases: from ski knitwear under the ZMORK brand in its beginnings to more ready-to-wear clothing for boutiques with the name of ZAUST.

A family business that when it passes to the second generation changes its concept. Now Marae, acronym for its managers Manoli and Raúl Escudero, is a benchmark in the manufacture of coats for the smallest of the house and in the work of merino wool.

The last years

Four decades of history, learning and growth. An essential background to face the launch of Marae in 2010. Two years before, they began with the construction of the factory in Coreses, and by that year, the Escuderos brothers were already the owners of the firm.

In 2012, due to the interest of a commercial agent in Madrid, they took up the children’s line. They made the first Marae Kids models, being the most successful to date.

However, they also make a women’s collection. In fact, you can see several outfits that combine the same fabric for both lines. Children’s are the most classic , and feminine line is the most modern. They have not worked in the men’s sector for years. But they do not rule out returning to the male line in the future.

The potential of the brand is undoubted, especially since they began to participate in parades. From 2006 to 2008, and also in recent years, they have been present on the Castilla y León fashion catwalk with the women’s collection. And in future editions, they will do so with the children’s collection.

Every step matters. That is why, due to its quality, its delicacy and its work, this company from Zamora has crept into the closet of the English Royal Family. Prince George of Cambridge, and his brothers, Carlota and Luis of Cambridge have become the best ambassadors for the brand.