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Now that we are facing the last part of winter, it’s time to get some of those jackets that never go out of style. They are always worth having in our closet. Marae and its garments give you reasons to bet on the good dressing of your little ones. Here we tell you why.


Marae Kids is a brand born from the soul of the founders in the search for individuality, and their passion for quality. They present timeless but elegant designs. The managers grew up among knitting and sewing machines. Together with their parents they learned to produce top quality boiled wool garments. This philosophy, together with a tradition of more than 40 years, has given rise to a collection of children’s clothing that is well recognized in the market. It has become one of the coats worn by the youngest members of the English Royal Family.


Marae Kids is aimed at moms who do not want to dress their children with the rigid mass trends. Those who want their children to dress as they are, without losing their elegance. Our jackets and coats are made entirely in Spain, in our own facilities. An exhaustive quality control is carried out throughout the production process. From the selection of the best yarns to the final touch in each garment. Made by hand with merino wool, each coat has a unique detail. The warm and soft touch of the fabric and its sophisticated designs are key to the success of the brand. These coats are made special by the decorations on their cuffs, collars and pockets.


razones Marae


Marae kids is committed to sustainability in the manufacture of our garments. We choose not to use fur or animal hair in the collars of our jackets and coats. Our garments are made with merino sheep wool. It is a wool obtained, free of animal abuse. It comes from a livestock that brings quality to the wool, with commitment to the environment and proper care of each and every one of the sheep. These are reasons why so many mothers and fathers love us.

Social responsibility is part of Marae’s values. Taking this decision is an important step. Innovation in materials and research allow us to explore new frontiers in a more ethical and conscientious way. Leaving behind the use of animal fur and hair, we are looking for a well-produced and timeless final product. Always with a price adjusted to the reality of its ethical production.


Marae Kids expects a series of characteristics and properties in each of its models. On the one hand, they are soft to the touch, the garments made of merino wool are characterized by being very light, warm and soft. Therefore, itching and skin rashes are avoided. They are breathable, due to the thickness of its fibers and also to the braiding of the fabric, they transpire through the whole material. They have thermal capacity, because merino wool keeps the body heat in a more efficient and natural way than other synthetic garments. It also repels water. This fabric maintains its properties when wet.

On the other hand, flexibility and resistance. These characteristics make the Marae coat feel like a second skin, giving lightness to perform any movement. They are environmentally friendly, it is a renewable natural resource, which does not need any chemical compound, and leaves no environmental impact. Antibacterial effect, eliminates the appearance of odors as bacteria do not remain in the wool. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash the garments frequently. They are quick-drying and have sun protection, containing keratin, a factor that helps protect the garment from ultraviolet rays, resistance 50 and also resists fire. It is the least flammable fiber compared to natural or synthetic fibers.


This Spanish outerwear company manufactures its models to order for the stores with which it works, so that it does not have stock. This makes it much easier for them to adjust to the color or the different variations requested by the customer on the original pattern. “There are some models that coincide in style and color, but by giving the stores the possibility of choosing combinations (more than 20 colors on the menu), the options are thousands,” says Raúl Escudero, manager of the company.


razones Marae

Taking this way of working one step further, new advantages emerge. For example, exclusivity. Each garment is made for a particular store and a particular customer. Therefore, it can also be made to measure if needed. Always looking for unique models.

There are many reasons to choose Marae as the coat of choice for your children!

With Marae Kids, you will give quality, comfort and exclusivity. A firm that bets for Marca España, for its native Zamora, and for quality over quantity. In addition, you have the possibility to design your own coat, this way you will have a personalized and unique model for your little one, a very original gift that both of you will enjoy. If you wish to contact us click here.