The capital of Asturias, Oviedo, has been our inspiration for this charming model.

In our model “OVIEDO” we decided to mix two cold tones such as dark blue and forest green.

In this beautiful city, well known for its medieval architecture, we find the gothic style of the Cathedral of Oviedo. Inside, the “Cámara Santa” (Holy Chamber), built in the 9th century by King Alfonso II Casto, stands out.

Very close to the cathedral complex is the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, which exhibits regional artifacts. Not to mention the Museum of Fine Arts, integrated by three historic buildings of the metropolis, presents a large collection of Spanish art.

For this confection we used the blue of its waters, which are 30 km away from the city, where the best beaches in the area are located. Some of them have interntational recognisation, such as: Xivares and Salinas (only 35 minutes away), Borizo, Luanco, and of course Gulpiyuri, with crystal clear waters.

In Oviedo winters are long, cold, very rainy and windy, as well as partially cloudy throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 5 to 23 degrees Celcius. That is why we distinguish the “OVIEDO” model with a hood design that protects the head and neck of our little ones in a very comfortable way, and leaves their face slightly uncovered.

In “Street style” fashion, we made use of the window check print, a pattern that is present at any time of the year.  The characteristic of this coat  is its simplicity, with its fine lines printed in merino wool on a dark background (blue and green). It’s a style your little boy or girl will be able to make use of in their day-to-day life.

Forest green makes an excellent mix

Live in Oviedo is to live in green, since its surface of parks, gardens and other natural areas extends to more than 2,700,000 square meters. According to the Oviedo City Council, this means approximately 12 m2 per inhabitant. In the most central area we can enjoy the emblematic San Francisco Park, Marqués de la Rodriga Gardens and the interesting triangular park of Campillín.

We let ourselves be carried away by the green forests that dominate the Cantabrian mountain range, made up mostly of beech and oak trees. In which also coexist a large number of tall shrubs such as hazel, arraclán, dogwood and laurel.

The “OVIEDO” model has two pockets where your little one can keep his little hands warm. In the details we highlight the buttons, very typical of the natural environment, elongated and made of wood; in a tone like that of the aforementioned Beech.

We are convinced that the people of Oviedo will be very proud to be able to show off this design on their little ones, which we have lovingly made with their city in mind. Lokk at all our models in our website