Villarrín de Campos, the town that saw Manoli and Raúl Escudero grow up. And also the place where the Marae coat brand was “made” forty-two years ago. Always linked to their hometown, and to the textile world, these two brothers have taken their signature to the top, to the British Royal Family. They are clear that the success of their garments is in being able to control each phase of the production process. For this reason, and despite its international expansion, Marae will always remain in Zamora, betting on the Spanish Brand.

“We prefer to accept a lower profit margin and keep manufacturing here,” said Raúl Escudero. Spain is a country where things of impressive quality are made. But, in general terms, it is true that we have never positioned ourselves or known how to sell. “In our case, we were overwhelmed by how many brands were going to be manufactured in other countries due to low costs,” pointed out Manoli. Something that Marae has never understood, since this directly affected the quality of the product. For this reason, they affirm that they do not consider going to another country.

In fact, in 2010 they had to move their factory to the town of Coreses, and it was already difficult for them to leave behind their history, the work of their parents and uncles for a common project. They, as owners of a second generation family business, prefer to maintain the chain of work in a traditional way, from receipt of raw material to shipment, and this can only be achieved “from home”.

International projection

Keeping manufacturing in Spain does not prevent them, far from it, from selling to other markets. In fact, there is a great demand for Marae coats in other countries. In 2017, they opted for export, and in 2020 it has accounted for 70% of their sales. This has allowed them to grow 10% – despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Your first market right now is the United States. But they are also in other countries: England, Benelux, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea and China. The brand has a lot of potential, and there are many interested countries. Therefore, the growth of Marae is a reality. Of course, from Zamora, to always control and maintain the quality of the product and the Spanish Brand.