frio invierno marea

After days of celebration, reunions, Christmas lunches and dinners, once again the beloved Christmas season is coming to an end. Christmas is over, but the cold continues. We find ourselves in January, the first month of the year, where all the resolutions begin to play an important role in our lives. January arrives and we cannot avoid remembering the enormous amount of snow due to the Filomena storm that last year devastated the capital of Madrid. Considered and described as a historical meteorological phenomenon.

Snow transforms everything. It is a great discovery for children, especially the first times they see snow and can play in the snow.

“Snow has every chance of winning over children because of the many sensations it provides,” say some experts. It is the pleasure of touching it, rolling and bouncing, sliding… it is a source of discovery and learning.

Snow is the place for every child

From Marae Kids we show you some of our snow-white models. Each one of them has details and embroidery on cuffs, collars and pockets that make them unique. All of them are handmade with merino wool. The warm and soft touch of this fabric keeps the body heat in a more effective and natural way than other synthetic garments.

We start with our star coat in the white color range. Among moms, the most popular is undoubtedly the Mallorca model. It has a beige-white color and it is perfect to combine it with any color range that we like to wear with our little ones. It can be matched with a dress, dungarees or skirt. This model gives you the option to play with colors and mix it with darker tones such as blue, green or maroon. And also with light colors such as pastel pink, sky blue, light brown, among many others. It has a folded collar and cuffs. The arrangement of the buttons makes the closure of the coat is different, original and elegant. And the details for which this model stands out are the incorporation of an embroidered bow on the back. As a perfect complement to complete the look, a French style beret in the same color as the coat.

We continue with the San Sebastian model. In off-white with gray details incorporated by embroidered lines throughout the coat, collars, cuffs and pockets. The cut of the coat is more open and shorter than the previous one. And the detail of its six buttons, small circular and in gray color, makes it also a unique model. Its placement is different from what we are used to see, in the collar part.

With Marae you will never freeze

We continue with the Soria model, in cream white. It is a basic model, with slit pockets on the front of the coat, with brown buttons to get a contrast and play with two tones that combine perfectly. The detail that makes it different to this model is the incorporation of the hood with embroidered fur, in white color gets the effect of looking like a real Eskimo.

And finally, we have the Sevilla model. It is more of a jacket rather than a coat, perfect for layering. It is the best way to keep the little ones warm due to the constant temperature changes that occur throughout the day. Perfect for going to school, going to class, to wear at home, or any other activity. White beige color, its trims are embroidered in dark blue, in the best sailor style. Buttons and front pockets, with elbow patches included. Perfect to combine with denim jeans.

These are some of the models in white, with timeless, comfortable and elegant designs. If you like these, don’t hesitate to visit their website. Discover and fall in love with the rest of the models that make this brand unique in the manufacture of coats for the little ones. The snow is waiting for them!