Christmas is always a reason for illusion and joy. Besides, in these happy dates there are plenty of original plans that we can do. This makes Christmas vacations their favorite time of the year for many children. From Marae we want to be one more of the family in this magical time of the year.

At the city

For the little ones these dates are highly anticipated, partly because they are eager to make plans that they can not do at other times of the year. The only drawback is often the cold of winter and that is why from Marae we want to take care of them so that they only worry about having a good time.  An afternoon in the nearest stores and malls choosing the letter of requests they are going to make to  Santa. How can they not leave the house well wrapped up so that they don’t miss any detail? We have clear our bet, the Ponferrada model and the Segovia model. And then to finish a hard day, nothing better than recovering strength with a good sweet snack in a cafeteria.

At the snow

Another essential plan in the last month of the year is the snow. A battle of balls, create a doll or go skating at an ice rink. To be able to overcome so much cold we must wear our best clothes and this includes some of our models with fur on the hood, such as our Lugo model. The traditional trenca with wooden horn buttons, in a moss green tone and decorated by the neck and hood with synthetic fur that gives warmth to our body, also offering a feeling of extraordinary comfort.

At the park

But if there is a plan that the kids like above all others, that is to ride on the merry-go-rounds that are placed in the squares and parks during Christmas. A feeling of speed and adrenaline that can be spoiled by the cold sensation produced by the wind of the movement. That is why at Marae we have the most versatile models so that you can play in the park, jump on the trampolines or ride the merry-go-round in total comfort.

In addition, during the month of December and the first days of January, the little ones of the house have a clear objective. Prepare their letters to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men to get as many gifts as possible. Our Marae coats are an excellent present for the kings of the house. A way to take care of them and protect them. In addition, you will also be betting on the most manual manufacturing possible and on the national product 100% made in Spain.

In Marae we want to accompany the little ones throughout their childhood being part of their most special moments. Offering quality and personality with each of our models. Be sure to see our entire collection on our website.