winter hair coats

Winter is approaching and so is the fear of cold weather for the little ones in the house. Dressing a child properly when it is cold is one of the main concerns of parents in this season, especially in the mornings when taking them to school. Generally, children do not like to dress warmly, so it is advisable to look for comfortable clothes that they like. Undoubtedly one of the best options are winter coats with fur on the collar.

Although what we can never forget is the coats. And in that case, Marae’s coats with synthetic fur are the perfect option. Coats made with Austrian merino wool, which provides a thermal sensation that will keep the little ones warm and warm. In addition, some models have synthetic fur incorporated in hoods, collars and cuffs to protect the ears, neck and hands, parts of the body that are more sensitive to the cold, from low temperatures.

They are Made In Spain models, made entirely in Spain, from the production process to quality control.  They are also sustainable with the environment and the planet, one of the most important aspects of the brand. We show you the Marae models that keep all these characteristics. Ideal models to face the winter cold.

Lugo model

On the one hand, for them we have the Lugo model, in dark green, perfect to combine with lighter colors such as beige, white or on the contrary to put a strong color like brown, black or denim.  And for them, the Leon model. In dark red, its details in buttons, cuffs and hood in brown make the perfect combination. Both models with plain print, have synthetic fur on hood and cuffs. Elegant and comfortable, these coats are the perfect choice for any occasion.

Barcelona model

On the other hand, we have the Barcelona model, in dark blue color simulating as if it were a denim. Perfect contrast make the buttons and synthetic fur that decorates the collar and cuffs in brown, white and black.  This model is one of the most different of the collection, making it a unique and versatile model to combine and wear it on many occasions.

Avila model

And finally we have the Avila model, with a checkered print, it has a variety of colors in maroon, yellow, dark blue and white. In addition, it has embroidered piping on the cuffs and pockets combined to match the buttons in dark gray. It has synthetic fur all around the collar that gives the feeling of having a scarf tied around the neck.

These are some of the winter coats. Models with synthetic fur Marae Kids and with which your children will look comfortable and elegant as well as warm.  The warm and soft touch of Austrian merino wool makes these coats become an essential garment when dressing the little ones every day to combat the cold.  Remember that with Marae Kids you can customize your own coat and design a unique model, so don’t wait any longer and visit the website so you don’t miss out on your coat for this winter!