With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to prepare gifts for these special dates. Toys, clothes, cosmetics, electronics… The options are varied, although sometimes we can be overwhelmed by not knowing what to choose. Marae’s garments are the perfect option to give to the kings of the house in these days full of illusion and fantasy.


The first reason is that with Marae, you give quality. Our garments are made with all the care and affection they deserve, individually tailored and knitted in high quality merino wool. In addition, all our accessories are synthetic, ensuring a great duration and result over time. This quality of our coats has made that families from all over the world bet on us and that our garments are marketed throughout the different continents.
And you might be thinking, will everyone wear the same Marae coats? The answer is simple: No. We have a wide collection of models and the best of all is that you can customize each of them by choosing from a range of more than 20 colors to create unique and virtually unrepeatable designs.


Giving Marae as a gift this Christmas is not only a gift of quality. It is to give a garment with which to create thousands of memories during the year for the little ones. One of those that are not forgotten with the passage of time and that years later they will remember as that beautiful coat they had when they were just a few years old. Our models are designed for great freedom of movement and to be the perfect complement to winter looks.

In addition, when you bet on a Marae gift, you are betting on manual manufacturing, local work and 100% Spanish brand products. With Marae you are giving love, quality, commitment and above all a beautiful product with the best cuts to wear this winter.

This year Marae Kids coats will be the main protagonists under the tree. Find your nearest store or know all our products in the collection section of our website.

But if there is a plan that the kids like above all others, that is to ride on the merry-go-rounds that are placed in the squares and parks during Christmas. A feeling of speed and adrenaline that can be spoiled by the cold sensation produced by the wind of the movement. That is why at Marae we have the most versatile models so that you can play in the park, jump on the trampolines or ride the merry-go-round in total comfort.