Organizing the closet of the little ones in the house can be quite a complicated task. Getting a point of balance in which we have the necessary clothes to not overwhelm us with the cleaning of the same, and that are not excessive. Therefore, in this blog we teach you how to create a capsule closet.

The capsule closet is a technique of organization and purchase of our clothes. In this way we will avoid falling into excessive consumption. At the same time, we will have everything we need to dress our little ones. It is a form of efficient organization and also allows us to take care of the environment. If you are interested in the steps to follow to get the ideal closet for your child, you should read on.

Tips before buying

First of all, you should analyze the style with which your child dresses.  To do this, you must take into account their routines and most common activities. It will be useless to have elegant clothes if every afternoon he decides to go to play in the park.

Once we have defined the style we must know the cuts that best suits them for each garment. Be it pants, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, shoes, jackets…

Finally we will choose the color palette with which we will form the closet. Here we recommend neutral tones that are easy to combine. Although we must also take into account the favorite color of our small.

Once we have determined the above we will stay on the one hand with the clothes that follow the above parameters and on the other the rest. From that second pile we will save those that have a sentimental value. Either because we like them excessively or because they are cuts that are currently in fashion. All the rest we will donate or sell second hand.

When buying

To continue buying clothes in our closet we will have to write down what we need to complete our capsule closet. Basic t-shirts, jeans, shoes, jackets, etc. Everything we need to create complete and easily combinable looks.

We will only buy one garment of each type that falls outside these parameters. In this way we will get to have looks for the day to day, and sometimes we get to add a more groundbreaking garment that is trendy or that we like.

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