Its aqueduct, the imperial king of the city. In fact, nothing more needs to be said. Hear “aqueduct” and we all automatically think of Segovia. Its tourist route is completed with a visit to the Alcazar, the cathedral and also a walk along the wall. Although this is not all; the gastronomic culture also has its throne, and in this city the cochinillo (suckling pig) reigns supreme. Of course, during the winter do not forget to bring a good coat as temperatures can be quite low. Our best option is the Segovia coat of Marae Kids.

We are talking about a sober city, full of fascinating corners where you will always find your place. This is the Segovia coat by Marae Kids. A coat, jacket cut, with a neutral tone that combines with all children’s looks and a number of details that fascinates all moms and dads.

The adjustment of the buttoned cuff, the pockets in the middle of the body and not at the bottom, and a double row of buttons in the center make the difference with the rest of the garments. As we said, Segovia is sober, full of fascinating corners (details) and where you always find your place (your unisex model that combines with everyday style and with clothing for events or festivities).

Aqueduct or wall

As in all our garments, the color of the fabric is optional. You decide every detail. In fact, you can even combine several tones in the same garment and change the piece that closes the cuff.

It may seem a detail without more, following the line of the model and the city that inspires us, this closure represents the wall that surrounds the city. And although it is one of the most beautiful routes of Segovia, it is one of the least known. That stone wall “that shelters” the city, can be understood for many by the aqueduct, but for others, by the wall. In any case, a fascinating place that serves as a viewpoint of this historic Roman city.

Bet on the Segovia model and the secrets revealed in the making of this coat. You will feel like you are wearing a garment “with history” every day. Marae Kids, always thinking about all the details.