Undisputed protagonists of Marae Kids every day of the year, every November 20th has a special meaning for our company: the Universal Children’s Day is celebrated. A way to remember the importance of the smallest of the house. Our models are designed and made by and for them. So that they feel comfortable at all times and can jump, play and dance free, happy.

But  unhappily, we know that this is not the (only) reality. That is why this day is so important, because it commemorates the anniversaries of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959) and the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). These treaties establish basic rights for children: from life, health and education to the right to play and have fun. A way to protect them of the injustices of the world.

Since then, more than thirty years later, November 20 has become a date to celebrate the progress achieved in this task. And above all to focus on those boys and girls who live in a particularly disadvantaged situation.

Importance of the Universal Children’s Day

With children’s rights as a pillar, this day helps to foster fraternity among the world’s children and to promote their well-being. To this end, various social and cultural activities are used to show us that we can also contribute to this cause from our homes. A multitude of ways to collaborate with the most vulnerable. Although this good actions may  last for the rest of the days.

They are our future. To conserve and preserve their equity, their basic rights, will help us to create a better, hopeful world. Where all children could have their toy, their comfortable clothes or their best smile.

To Universal Children’s Day! Which reminds us that we must take care and pamper our little ones, because they also have their rights, and their needs.