Modelo Galicia

We were inspired by the autonomous community of Galicia for this special design. Being considered a “historical nationality”, we let ourselves be carried away by its collective, linguistic and cultural identity, differentiated from the rest of the country.

The colors we used for its design and confection are the beautiful olive green and garnet red.

This beautiful region, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, is characterized by abundant vegetation due to the constant rains. When we go into its forests we find chestnut, oak, pine and eucalyptus trees. And we also observe plants such as the fern and the distinguished gorse.

To dress in olive is to dress in Galicia.

Due to its geographical location, Galicia is located in an intermediate zone between two ecological and floristic worlds. The Eurosiberian region on the one hand and on the other the Atlantic and Mediterranean provinces. This gives the region an extensive and very interesting botanical mix.

The green olive tree that stands out in our merino wool coat suggests the maritime or maritime pine (pinus pinaster) prominent in its extensive grounds. A medium-sized tree, with a trunk diameter of 1.2 meters, with thick, cracked, orange bark. The pine cones that adorn it measure 10 to 20 cm, and as they grow they widen to about 12 cm, turning from green to a reddish-brown color.

In the elaboration of this iconic piece, the aforementioned red can never be missing, as it is the symbol of the capital of Galicia: Santiago de Compostela. Known in its history for the culmination of the pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago. Specifically in its Cathedral, between medieval walls carved in stone, lie the remains of the apostle Santiago.

For this reason, in Marae Kids we do the honor of carrying the garnet in the borders of this design. In this way we reinforce the edges to generate this significant fineness.

And with this cold weather that shelters the decembrine season, the detail in its buttons can not be missing. Not only because it helps us to keep our little ones more protected, but also because when closing the coat we offer distinction. For the “GALICIA” model, we decided to use them in their classic round shape, in an exceptional golden color.

Winter is warm with Marae

Whatever your reason for getting away from home. In a casual outing or for an event where formality is required, in Marae Kids we comply with the versatility to make your girl or boy look with the best style. And of course, offering them the protection they need.

Green is a very distinguished color in these dates, so in the closet of your little “GALICIA” It must be there one of our coats

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