And December arrived, the last month of the year, when your heart skips a beat at the thought of how fast the year goes by, and you start thinking about all the resolutions you started with. With December comes the cold, the winter and the meetings. With December comes Christmas, and there is nothing our kids like more than those days, where magic, wishes and gifts are the protagonists. December is that month that is impossible not to love

December is a month much desired by much of society, the long- awaited vacations come again, stop the routine in which you are immersed, return to devote time to yourself, rest and unwind, share time with family and friends. The planned or improvised trips are back, back to packing your suitcase, what to bring and what not to bring. Therefore, from Marae kids we bring you the ideal and essential coat models for the different plans you have in sight and that you can not forget to pack in the suitcase for the little ones of the house

Rural plans

If this Christmas you are thinking of doing rural tourism, Spain is your place. It has a land rich in landscapes of all kinds with countless trails. An unforgettable experience for children, being in contact with nature and learning the values of caring for and respecting it. Wherever you are, there is sure to be a beautiful path waiting for you to walk it. Marae Kids recommends for this occasion the Oviedo model, with a dark blue, light blue and green checkered pattern with matching brown buttons, in line with all the colors of the natural environment in which you are: mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers ….. Likewise, the Lugo model, in dark green, is perfect for the occasion. It incorporates a hood with synthetic fur, so that your little one does not get cold anywhere. Both models are made with merino wool, which offers greater protection and thermal sensation.

Beach  plans

If, on the other hand, you are more into beach tourism, in search of good weather, the south or the islands never fail. Whenever there is sea in between, you are in the right place to disconnect, rest and relax. What better plan than to enjoy a good walk along the beach or promenade, the local cuisine, in its famous beach bars that characterize the coastal areas.

With enviable temperatures in the month of December, which do not drop below 15 degrees, the most suitable coats that Marae Kids offers you are the Mallorca 3300 model, in off-white, coat and beret together. Perfect to combine with any color, from dark colors like brown or black to lighter colors like blue or red. It admits a wide range of possibilities since its print is neutral and smooth. With details in the buttons, its embroidery and the bow on the back makes it a unique model. Another of our favorite models for these plans are the Ibiza model or the Pontevedra model, in light blue and dark blue respectively. Colors typical of the blue of the sea or clear skies, colors that convey peace, tranquility and calm. In harmony with the details of its buttons, in brown, typical of the natural environment that surrounds coastal areas.

Enjoy at home

And if you prefer to stay at home, what better plan than to enjoy the lights of all colors that flood your city. Millions of lamps iluminate streets, squares and buildings that for the little ones will be like being in a magical fairy tale. Multiple traditional Christmas markets are set up all over the city, gigantic Christmas trees, shows of their favorite characters, an endless number of activities that they will want to repeat day after day. Our coats of choice are undoubtedly the Huelva model, in red, which blends in with most of the Christmas decorations that you will find on your way. And the Toledo model, in brown that combined with jeans, beige or black for example, will make the perfect look.

This Christmas, don’t forget your Marae Kids model for any of your plans. Versatile, elegant and original are some of the features that the firm always offers, so don’t miss yours for the holidays!