A few days ago the autumn started and thus it  came the change of schedule, began the fall of the leaves in plants and trees. The cold begins to slip through the window, and we change the wardrobe. But not everything is bad. With the change of season comes the new Marae Kids Autumn/Winter collection! Marae coats are already a classic in the winter wardrobe of our children. This new collection features lighter models and ideal for the first autumn dates.

Manufactured manually and with merino wool, these coats are most special for the decorations on their cuffs, necks and pockets. In addition, they have original trimmings that give a unique touch to the garments. The warm and soft touch of Austrian merino wool, and its sophisticated designs, are key to the success of the brand, It’s time to incorporate the coats back into our looks. For the little ones, the autumn-winter collection by Marae Kids is the ideal choice.

The romance of plaid prints and tartan with autumn is a triumphant bet among the models of the new Marae collection. We will find a key trend: who has not worn a checkered coat? – the perfect “print” to escape the smooth tones.

Printed models

Some of our favourite chekered. printed models are the Valladolid, Ponferrada, Ávila and Oviedo ones. Stay tuned about all their details!

The Valladolid model, an over-shirt made of wool with a checkered print in white, grey and black colours. Perfect to combine with our black, white or blue jeans.  In adittion, the Ponferrada model has details in their cuffs and pockets. Its checkered tone mixing the colors garnet, pink, white and gray, will be one of the favorite models you want to have as a wardrobe background for your child.

On the other hand, we have the Avila model, it is undoubtedly one of the models that likes more. Starting with their perfect color scheme each of them, the fusion of garnet, yellow, white and dark grey, make a nod to the colors of autumn. The embroidery trims on their cuffs, combined pockets match the buttons. In addition, what you like most about this model is its detail of the collar embroidered with faux fur, which provides a scarf effect that will make your children not catch cold in the throat.

And finally we have the Navarra model, with the incorporation of larger pictures, combines the colors garnet, dark green black and white. A perfect combination of colors to match both the uniform of your children, as for the day to day. This model has a built-in hood, a detail that likes a lot among the little ones. And if you like the Navarra model, you will not be able to resist the Oviedo model, but with another combination of colors, different blues mixed with dark green and details such as the brown buttons that mark a perfect contrast.

If this autumn also want to join the trend of plaid printing. Enjoy all our Marae models