Christmas is here. A week of celebrations and Christmas Eve passes until the arrival of the New Year. It is there, during the New Year’s Eve dinner, and specifically after eating the twelve grapes and toasting to the coming year, the moment when our head is flooded with good resolutions and new goals to achieve. Everyone sets goals at the beginning of January. Also from Marae Kids.

And the fact is that we all – individually, at work, personally; also as a company or as a group – have our desires: what to change or improve, or simply what to achieve.

Marae Kids is a textile company committed to Marca España. For this reason, and although its coats have reached many corners of the planet, it maintains its factory and all the distribution logistics in its native Zamora. Its purpose, between now and next year and for the rest of the years, is to continue in the town of Coreses. It is, possibly, its main purpose, and that they have been clear since they started with the business.

“To keep manufacturing here is one of our main values”, acknowledged Raúl Escudero, manager of Marae together with his sister Manoli. And he adds: “We have never considered manufacturing abroad. For us, it is very important to control each stage of production to obtain the best quality. And for that, the best way to achieve it is to do it at home”.

Always expanding

As we say, betting on their land, knowing that this is the way to do it well, has not limited their expansion. In 2017 they started exporting, and in 2020 it accounted for 70% of their sales; despite Covid, they grew by 10%. Their main market is the United States, although they also sell in England, Benelux, Italy, Germany, Australia and …

Here appears their new year’s resolution. “We see a lot of potential in Asian countries. There is a lot of world and countries interested”, commented Manoli. For this reason, although they already sell in Japan, Korea and China, they want their projection to be gradual. “We have a limited capacity because we do not work with stock and because it is the best way to control growth if we want to maintain quality. For this reason, we are gradually approaching new destinations,” Raúl pointed out.

They are now in the process of international expansion, opening up new markets, looking for agents or distributors. “We will do it little by little to control growth, but we never close ourselves to anything,” Manoli clarified. Their goal is to be in the best stores around the world, which, for them, are the ones that love and trust MARAE’s potential.

Always with our identity

Also, and within its challenges and goals to achieve, the company plans to expand its catalog with new models of coats and new fabrics. Always, betting on sustainability as up to now, while maintaining MARAE’s identity. “Because we are so flexible, we can adapt to the tastes of each country,” Raul noted.

But, that is something we will reveal to you later. When our Christmas wish and our New Year’s resolution come true. For now, and from these lines, the Marae team wishes you a prosperous 2022, full of many warm places, where you can take shelter and feel comforted – from your child’s arms to his or her Marae coat.