The Canary archipelago is a paradise just a few hours by plane from the mainland. Idyllic beaches, microclimates and volcanic areas. To represent these characteristics in a garment, we have created the Gran Canaria model, with earth tones that symbolize the sand and the slopes. To also show the microclimates, and the contrast in temperature, the original model has dark black trim on the cuffs, collar and pockets.

This is Gran Canaria (ref. 1015), a super versatile model that offers endless possibilities. First, it is unisex, for both boys and girls. Second, it is a main garment, an ideal jacket cut to combine with pants or skirt. And third, it can be a secondary garment, to wear under another coat. Everything will depend on how cold it is where you live.

Thinking of Gran Canaria, the city that inspired this model, the garment fits the climatic conditions of the area. Although according to a study published by Consumer Travel Publications, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the city with the best climate in the world, among the 600 regions selected for this analysis, no one escapes the coolness of the nights and their microclimates.

Canarian spirit

The original model represents, as we say, the spirit of the island; not only in colors, but also in fabric. Like all Marae garments, this jacket is made of merino wool, an ideal textile for children.

Among the options we proposed for this design, other color combinations also appeared. For example, wool in white with navy blue trim, which gives a touch of peace and warmth and carries all the sailor cut. And there is also the option of making the garment with the body in bottle green and the trimmings in maroon, simulating the colors of the seabed, where hundreds of species coexist.