Our temple. There, where our coats are made and designed. The place where Marae as a firm has grown and matured, from 2008 to where we are today. It is our factory, our workplace, where we spend perhaps more hours than in our own home. And how could it be otherwise, it is located in our native Zamora, in the town of Coreses.

It is possible that you already knew this. Nothing makes us happier than being able to have an international projection without abandoning the Spain Brand. Keeping the whole manufacturing process in our province. But, although we have mentioned our location previously, we’ve never shown you the inside of our factory. Now it’s time!

This is our factory

Full of sewing machines, huge tables to cut the fabrics and measure the patterns. Also, shelves with all the necessary material and donkeys to hang the finished models. This is what you will find at first glance in our workshop.

But, if you look a little deeper, you will discover tools and utensils of all kinds: from threads to ribbons for the borders, without forgetting the scissors, the chalks and the rulers and squares. In addition, in our factory you can’t miss the key and most useful elements for a dressmaker: a box of pins and a tape measure.

Currently, our factory has two more elements, indispensable in the daily life of our workers: disposable examination gloves and surgical masks. Our process complies with all established sanitary measures and our team keeps the necessary PPE in our facilities. We also have hydroalcoholic gel on each of the tables in case the dressmakers have to take off their gloves for a specific task.

All this makes up the Marae spirit. A large, warm space, where the fabrics are pampered, the process is enjoyed and the wonders of our princes and princesses are created.