A few weeks ago the children started their routine again, the dreaded ‘back to school’. School coats on the street; backpacks on their backs, also on wheels; and thousands of happy faces to meet their friends again. This image, so common and repeated every morning in every corner of our country, will soon change with the arrival of cold weather.

Not because the children will leave their smiles at home, although there will be some sleepy faces out there. The point will be in the clothing: coats and jackets will begin to take center stage and cover the children’s bibs. And from Marae Kids we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to get the best garment for your son or daughter.

Formal, yes; but also comfortable and fluid. Precisely what the little ones at home need to feel free: to run, play, jump, and also fall. Recess breaks always turn into a getaway for children, and that’s why they need warm clothing that fits their needs.

Manufactured with merino wool, and manually, Marae Kids models are ideal because they “do not itch”. The quality fabric is personally treated by the team of this company from Zamora, which has also reached the British schools thanks to the English Royal Family; specifically, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

In this back to school of the new normality, where accessories such as hydroalcoholic gel or mask are essential, let’s give freedom to the little ones with their favorite coats.