Being Marca España is a commitment to full production in your country. In the case of Marae Kids, from its factory in Zamora, they carry out all the logistics of the firm: from the reception of the wool yarn to the shipment of the garments to the customers. A challenge sometimes, a pleasure most of the time, as they have managed to bring the spirit of Spain, and its provinces, to the English Royal House itself.

Their outerwear, which also includes jackets, capes and trenches, faithfully represents the essence of this brand from Zamora that has been in the market for more than 40 years. In its colors, its fabric and, of course, in the name of each of these garments. From Zamora, which is the model that Princess Charlotte wears every year at Christmas, to the Madrid model, which is the Austrian model worn by little Louis of Cambridge last year.

Spanish provinces

As we said, the spirit of the Spanish provinces is reflected in the different models of the Marae Kids autumn/winter 2021 collection. And one of these examples is Pontevedra. With one of the most important historical centers of Galicia and, possibly, of Spain, the coat with the name of this city has a classic cut, finished with a bias binding on the hem, sleeves, collar and pocket.

For its part, Bilbao is known for its commercial and industrial development throughout history. But also for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, cataloged as the best building of the second half of the twentieth century. This combination, which mixes cultural fusion and has completely transformed the image of the city, is what reflects Marae’s model. Why? Because unlike Pontevedra, this classic cut coat has a fold on the sleeve and leaves the back clip in view, without covering it with buttons. It is the spirit of the capital of Biscay.

Unisex models?

These two models have been designed for girls. But Marae Kids also has garments for children and unisex. In fact, the Cáceres and Ibiza coats have such a neutral cut that they raise the question of whether they are also for girls or could be for both. A bit like what happens to the cities they represent: they give a wrong image of what they are.

If we think of Ibiza, we directly relate the world of beach and party. And if we think of Cáceres, an inland province, we think of heat and “old” cities. Nothing to see. Ibiza is more than partying; although its strong economic core is tourism, it is not only focused on nightlife. The island of Ibiza offers endless culinary, historical and fashionable alternatives.

The same is true of Cáceres. This Extremaduran city, named a World Heritage Site in 1986 by UNESCO, has a unique historical-artistic ensemble. This includes not only squares and churches, but also streets, palaces and walls. Besides being a monumental city, Cáceres has one of the most popular tourist attractions in our country when spring arrives: the Jerte Valley, one of the largest plantations of cherry trees in Spain, a spectacle to see the cherry blossom!

So are the Marae garments, like the provinces they represent. They are incognito, fascinating and, of course, elegant. Handmade with merino wool, these coats are very special; for the decorations on their cuffs, collars and pockets. Also for the original trimmings that give a unique touch to each garment. Marae coats are already a classic in the winter closet of our little ones. But this new collection has lighter models ideal for the first autumn dates. Always representing the spirit of the firm.