The difference in climate in our country is a challenge for our looks. Not only because of the temperature changes between the north and the south, but also because of the range of degrees by which a single day can vary: from 31ºC at noon to 19ºC at night. This is what we call “the mid-season”, the period from the end of August to the beginning of October, when the weather fluctuates impossibly.

To be able to cope with these contrasts, it is best to always have sleeved clothing at hand. Coats are too heavy for these months. That’s why we propose Marae jackets and capes, the perfect models for autumn, which match our little ones’ outfits.

Marae jackets and capes

These two garments become the ideal complement to the between-season looks: from the most classic, dresses or skirts on girls or chino pants on them; to the most casual, from leggings to jeans, both unisex.

In fact, Marae clothing is always made with neutral colors, always in season. Every year, a new collection is presented in which there are essential tones that can not miss in our designs. They are gray, blue and brown. When combined with the cut of our garments, they provide the elegance and sophistication that is the hallmark of Marae Kids. Therefore, any of your options would fit with us.

In addition, another option to consider is the activity of the children. Due to the warm temperatures, kids want to run, play and jump. With jackets and capes, children’s freedom of movement is maximized. A basic feature in a warm garment – cool and trendy! This is what your mid-season looks will look like if you choose Marae Kids.