September is coming and, although it’s still hot, it’s time to change your closet. This is the ideal time because you already have a lot of sleeveless things out, since at night it starts to get cooler. And because with back to school you know you need all your clothes under control. Including your Marae Kids coats.

Therefore, we want to propose you some infallible tips to make this task stop being so tedious and complex. The first thing is, obviously, to create a friendly atmosphere in your room with your favorite music. This simple gesture helps us to give another tone to everything.

  • Empty closet

In order to define well what we leave for the next season and what we have not worn much this summer, it is best to put everything in sight. On the bed or the chairs in the room. Once the closet is completely empty, do a thorough cleaning (including drawers) to remove dust and make the fall/winter clothes smell good.

  • Selecting Clothes

Now that you’ve been able to see everything you have, it’s time to decide which clothes to put back in the closet. It often happens that we are very fond of a garment and we don’t know how to get rid of it. But once the season is over, you realize that you have hardly worn it. For this, an infallible trick: place it on a hanger that you hang upside down (the hook from the inside). This is the least frequent option. That’s why, if it’s still hanging like this after the season, you’ll realize that you haven’t worn it a single day.

  • Recycle

If you finally decide to leave behind those clothes you haven’t worn, don’t throw them away. There are many ways to give a second or third life to that garment. You can donate it to an association or charity. Possibly the most charitable option. But, thanks to hundreds of online platforms, you can also contribute to the circular economy and sell your clothes for an affordable price.

  • Storage

To ensure that your closet stays tidy, at least for the first week, the trick is to sort your clothes and store them by type of garment or by activity (for exercise, for going out, for being at home, etc.). In addition to the closet compartments themselves, you can buy boxes or shelves that allow you to separate everything clearly and always have it at hand without overpowering.

  • Space

Following the same point, often the problem is that we do not optimize the space in the closet. To avoid ironing everything when we are going to wear it, we leave it stretched out. Let’s be practical and save that space by rolling up our jeans or giving an extra fold to our shirts.

In all this change of closet, we understand that the coats were stored in another door or with a cover or garment bag to avoid rubbing or dust during the warmer months. When it’s time to take them out, make sure they still have their own space separate from the rest of the garments so they don’t suffer so much. And that’s it! We are ready to go back to being princes and princesses Marae.