To get high quality garments, with great designs and that adapt to any type of body, carries much more work behind that we can come to think. Behind each of Marae coats there is a process of creation that takes a lot of time and effort on the part of our team. Do you want to know how the whole production process of our jackets takes place? We tell you step by step all the way.

The idea

It is usually the most complicated and long step. First of all we must take into account the needs of our customers. Its type of climate, the way the country dresses, the type of people it is aimed at. Once we have this clear and we know what kind of jacket we want to make, we make a first sketch. From there we add details, shapes, widths and lengths according to the trends of the season and the tastes of the designer. Finally we choose the type of material with which we will make each part of the coat: its structure, the edges, which buttons are better. And finally we set the options or variations that we can find, for example, necks and hair cuffs.

The making

Once we have the idea ready the next step is to materialize it. The first step is to break the design into the different parts that form it. This is what we know in the  fashion industry as pattern design. There we establish the measurements of each part according to the size. Then we  mark them in cardboard pieces that serve as a guide.

Once we have all the patterns we cut them into the chosen fabric during the design of the garment and cut each of the parts. We put them together through one-on-one sewing machines and we finally have the structure of our jacket

The last step is how to glaze a baked cake. You can already eat but that touch improves it. It’s the same with our garments. Ribbons, buttons, trimmings… any detail that gives that personality to our garments is tested to see how it looks in reality and whether it is comfortable when it comes to wearing the garments. At this stage of the process, pragmatic modifications such as measures or some material are made after testing.

The production. 

Once we have the garments with all the necessary modifications it is time to start producing them. To satisfy all our customers in the most efficient way possible this process does not stop throughout the year taking into account our foreign markets. But we also offer the possibility to choose from a range of more than 20 colors for each fabric and material of our garments and thus get unique models adapted to the tastes of each customer.

All this hard work and effort result in high quality Marae coats and jackets. We made them in the most artisanal and manual way possible. By this way we achieve to get unique and individualized garments made of merino wool. Some of the most special clothes to dress the little ones in the house