Marae is a brand with more than forty years of history that has gone through different names and also different cloths. A story that is currently written by Raúl and Manoli. Or rather, MAnoli and RAúl Escudero, whose names form the acronym of the firm: MARAE. These two brothers from Zamora are responsible for the signature of coats that the children of the English Royal House wear.

How Marae was born?

Marae was born about 42 years ago in the town of Villarrín de Campos (Zamora). My uncles, Isabel and Gerardo, manufactured ski knitwear in the municipality of Astudillo under the brand ZMORK.

Then my parents joined the business: my mother, Louise, was a dressmaker and was in charge of the garment; and my father, Isaiah, was in charge of the weaving. My uncles were involved in management and marketing. That’s when they started making the Austrian classics (my uncle is Austrian). And forty years later we continue to manufacture with the same methods as at first.

In the mid-1980s, my uncle and father left the company, and my mother partnered with my aunt, even with the ZMORK brand. In 1991, my sister started working in the office of the company, and after the death of my father, Manoli and I bought our aunt’s share. We started to manufacture with the classic fabrics of wool, clothing more ready-to-wear for boutiques, under the brand ZAUST.

In 2008, we started the construction of the new factory in the town of Coreses, closer to Zamora, and 36 km from our hometown. We moved in 2010, the year in which the company officially passed to us, when our mother retired. And that’s when Marae’s brand was created.

Who is behind Marae?

Behind the brand are a large group of committed people, forming a family. Raúl and I are the visible heads and owners of the second generation family business. But equally important are the people who lovingly manufacture every part of a garment. Without forgetting, of course, the team of commercial agents and distributors that carry Marae around the world. And never without forgetting our mother, Luisa, who left her stamp in Marae. Without any of these members, the firm would not exist.

I, Manoli, am dedicated to management, design and administration. Raúl is dedicated to the part of fabrics, international trade, repair of machines, etc. Management is very involved in the manufacturing process.

This is just the beginning of everything behind this brand, if you want to continue knowing the details of Marae, pay attention to the next posts in our blog.