Clothing says a lot about the person who wears it, but it also reflects the character of the person who makes it. From Marae we try that the affection and pampering that we dedicate to our pieces is reflected in the final result.

This commitment to quality, exclusivity and delicacy means that some of our products are custom made, adapting each model to the different colour combinations that can be made with our 20-tone menu. So we get that many of our final results already carry the personality of the client.

But that’s not all. At Marae, we also seek to ensure that manufacturing is of the best quality and as special as possible. Therefore, in addition to betting on a high quality fabric such as 100% merino wool, we seek to make our production as handmade as possible. Thus we get a detailed and personalized care of our garments in addition to the most satisfactory results.

In our factory we only have a computerized process: the programming of the knitting machines and the weaving. The rest of the process takes place  in the old-fashioned way. We use the sewing machines for some parts of the process, but always in a manual way.

Each of our garments is cut by hand with scissors and marked individually by the hands of the workers who form the Marae family.
This way of working makes our garments very personal and exclusive, always prioritizing quality before quantity. A bet that has allowed us to blow out candles working for 40 years.


From Marae we want all our customers to feel unique and special when wearing our jackets and coats and therefore we work hard throughout the year to get it. If you still don’t know what we are talking about, visit our website to discover all the Marae models and continue to discover all the news through our social networks