After knowing the beginnings of Marae and the huge team behind the brand is the turn to discover some more details of our firm. Read on to get to know each other a little better.

  • What are the brand’s values?

For us it is very important the quality of the garments and the treatment with the customers. We like to be a family, as we are a family business, committed to our workers and customers. We have had a hard time working, but thanks to not losing the illusion, working hard, and the people who are part of Marae and around us, we have moved on. Until we finally achieve our goals.

  • Is it true you knit the wool yourselves?

That’s right. We bring the yarn and dyed wool from Austria -for us the best there is in this type-, we weave it with our knits -the newest are 20 years old- and we also cook them in our factory in a traditional way- That’s why, the softness and quality. That gives us infinite possibilities with our fabrics.

  • Are all the processes so artisanal?

There is only one computerized process: programming the trichomes and making the tissues. Everything else is done the old-fashioned way, using, of course, sewing machines for some parts of the process, but manually. We even cut each garment by hand with scissors. All this process makes the garments are very personal and exclusive, we prioritize quality to quantity.

  • At what point does Marae Mujer come into play?

MARAE woman has always been very important to us. Until years ago it was our main customer, and here we can be very creative, not being a line of classic clothing as children. Now we’re betting on Marae Kids because we’re making our way through the world. Once you know us well in other countries, we will release Marae woman there as well. In the US there is already a lot of acceptance for it. We hope that 2022 will be the year to launch the women’s line to the world and to be present at some international fair.

  • What are your expansion ideas?

It is one thing to keep manufacturing in Spain, and another to sell to other countries. In 2017 we started betting on exporting, and already in 2020 it has accounted for 70% of our sales. Even with the Covid we have grown by 10%. Our first market is now USA; we are also in England, Benelux, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, China.

There is a lot of world and countries involved, but since we have limited capacity, we have to control growth if we want to maintain quality. That is why we are gradually embarking on new destinations. We are now in the process of international expansion, opening up new markets with the search for agents or distributors. We would like to be in the best shops around the world, which for us are the ones who love Marae. Because we are so flexible, we can adapt to the tastes of each country.

Now, you know a little bit more about Marae. All its journey, from its beginnings to the countries where you can find its coats. A firm that continues to bet on Marca España, on its native Zamora, and on quality before quantity.