Winter coats and jackets are essential pieces in our closets as soon as winter arrives. A garment of practically daily use that every year is governed by the different trends that we can find in the big firms. However, there are models, cuts and classic colors that never fail and that are ideal not only to keep our little ones warm in the day to day but also not to lose detail in the clothes of important events during the coldest dates of the year.

In Marae we like to innovate every year in our designs, betting on a wide range of colors and accessories that make each model and each collection unique. However, we like to keep that more classic origin of some of our coats. In our autumn-winter 2021 collection we have three classic models that can become the ideal closet background for our little ones.


One of the most classic pieces of the collection. First of all, for its closed collar that rises a few centimeters giving a sense of seriousness. Its buttons are also a sober detail that gives it that classic touch. A small piece of two symmetrical buttons and bordered with a trim. Its length, at a height above the knee, makes it ideal to wear with a dress, although its simplicity could well be worn with a set of pants and shirt. This versatility makes the CANTABRIA model an exceptional choice for any event such as weddings, baptisms or communions. An elegant model in a dark tone that evokes the luxurious Cantabrian coast.


With a silhouette trimmed in a contrasting tone with the color of the wool, this coat is another of the most simple yet elegant pieces in our collection. A short jacket with a round collar also trimmed and small pockets that break the uniformity of the piece. As a final closure of this piece its small metal buttons in double row that provide the classic touch of the model. Its seafaring inspiration reminds us of the beautiful port of the Asturian town.

VIGO Model

In contrast to the contrasts and small details of the two previous models, the VIGO model is dressed in the sobriety of a single color. A single-color piece in which the only highlight on the piece are the button panels in two rows with classic metallic buttons. To finish this classic design and a small opening in the back that gives a special flight to the piece and a greater looseness and comfort of movement to whoever wears it. A simple model, but with a collar that will take away the cold of the characteristic Galician wind.

These three models are presented in our catalog in a dark tone either navy blue or black. However, Marae gives you the opportunity to develop your creativity allowing you to choose from a wide palette of colors for each model, getting unique and versatile models for the little ones of the house.