To imagine, to devise, to think, to draw, to patronize, to make, to sew, to weave, to finish off, to decorate… For more than 40 years of history, Marae’s main goal has always been to create the best garments for our customers. Following our values of tradition and utmost care for our material. Values that are the basis of our work and brand philosophy and that we have taken beyond the elaboration of our garments since ourbeggining.

We are aware that one of the main problems of the textile sector is the impact that the industry has on our planet. Therefore, from Marae we have always opted for a production as manual as possible, prevailing the human factor and experience to the systematic mechanics. In this way we achieve a much more personalized and handmade garment making achieving high quality results. But we also help to avoid unnecessary pollution.


However, this is not enough for the Marae family and that is why we wanted to counteract the gas emissions produced by our activity by planting trees. Through this initiative our purpose is to counteract our carbon footprint. This footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted by our daily activities of each human being as well as the economic activities of different industries. Thanks to the trees we planted, the air is being cleaned as CO2 and any type of greenhouse gas that exists in the environment are absorbed.

In Marae we wanted to start this initiative by planting 81 trees, an amount that can offset the environmental effects of two households. In this way we try to take care of our environment, just as we take care of our clothes.

And we encourage all our friends and clients to join this initiative to take care of our planet.