Any detail, however small, may be able to transform a simple  piece of clothing into a garment that causes sensation. Your little one will bring special details according to his Marae coat. Because we now perfectly  how to achieve, with these ornaments, that the smallest of the house becomes a whole prince or princess.

The buttons are present in all kinds of garments. Thanks to their great function, they close the coat and keep the smallest of the house warm, but have you ever stopped to think how important they are aesthetically?

We can find it in a huge variety of colors. And the most fun, they are not always round, in Marae we have not hesitated to give these details the importance they deserve. Different materials and shapes make each Marae garment have a unique style with the different button pieces from our warehouse

Bows are a sure hit and the favorite detail of many moms for their kids. A nice lace can make a simple coat something more sophisticated. Any fabric receives well to the bow, bringing an ideal touch to each look.
In our coats they have become one of the main protagonists and we are sure that they will become one of your child’s fundamental wardrobe funds.

Sure it’s not the first time you see the borders on our coats and it’s normal, it’s a classic that never goes out of style. This is a very significant detail to which we do not usually give much importance and which, however, determines the style of each garment and which, in addition, reinforces the edge of our coats.

From head to toe, the details will always be those that complete a look, so it is necessary to give them the importance they really have and know that a good garment goes hand in hand with excellent details, that is the case of Marae, dedication in every inch of the coats.