With the arrival of summer many may think that we no longer need jackets in our wardrobe. But the truth is, we still have months ahead of us in which temperatures will be very changeable throughout the day.  Therefore, in Marae we continue to work so that you do not lack warm clothes for the little ones during the next months.    Still think you can’t buy jackets these days? We show you the 3 reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate.

Long days and varied temperatures

For the guys  early risers, the low temperatures in the early hours of the morning can be too cold and, although they improve as the day progresses, it is important to warm our kids  enough for those first moments of the day. During the midday and early afternoon we know that any type of coat can be a nuisance for our little ones, especially if they are playing and moving.   At the end of the day, however, temperatures drop again when  the sun sets and it is necessary to always have a jacket on hand to protect children from catching a cold

Days with surprise and improvised plans

In addition, although sunny days are usually the constant of these months, we still have some cloudy days.  Even in some areas while we are in the sun, the wind can make us have a much lower thermal sensation than the real one.  And what to say about excursions to more open areas such as recreation areas, parks or the countryside. It never hurts to have a coat available for prevention.

Your best investment for next fall

Although we may think that it is no longer time to buy a coat or jacket for our children, this may still be one of the best investments we have ever had. When the autumn cold comes almost unannounced, our closets will be ready with some spare garment.   Also among our models, there are many compositions and fabrics and some jackets can result more

In Marae we remain at your disposal so that the little ones of the house enjoy the bests plans  without being cold at any time.  You can discover all our models on our website and social networks.