Who hasn’t wandered through the streets of the capital at some point? Enjoying its splendid sunsets, a stroll along Gran Vía, its fantastic museums, etc. Madrid is a city for dreaming. That’s why we at Marae wanted to make a space for it in our collection with this beautiful coat. A cosmopolitan style that combines a classic check print mixing blue, green and black colours. And that’s why it becomes a timeless design perfect for your little one.

As we mentioned in the previous post, prints are booming. More and more mums and dads are opting for them to dress the little ones of the house. A trend that is coming on strong and that seems to want to stay.

Our merino wool coats will make your little one look like a little prince or princess. How? Without itching, warm, elegant and with a model based on a great city for a great child.

Why Madrid?

It’s the capital of Spain, a big city, as we’ve already said. Indeed, Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in our country. The extraordinary beauty of its streets and squares leaves no one indifferent, an atmosphere full of life, youth and happiness that invades the heart of anyone. We could say that it is on the list of places we would always come back to, it has a special magic.

Historic architecture, good food, a lot of culture and a lot of art are just some of the things that made us fall in love with it completely. That’s why we decided to create a coat that would bring the essence of it all together. So that our little one would carry a hint of this beautiful city wherever he goes, and getting all eyes on the cosmopolitan look that this coat gives.