Printed are gaining strength this year. In fact, they have become the favourite option for dressing the youngest members of the family. Although we also know that plain is more timeless and versatile, perfect for any occasion.

Difficult decision, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. At Marae we have everything you are looking for to help you decide for one or the other. Or why not, keep both.

Plain or printed

Plain coats are more flexible, that is, we can give them a different personality thanks to the accessories, while printed coats are more risky, they speak for themselves, following more closely the new and tempting trends.

The belief that a plain coat is “bland and boring” must be left behind. Colours are here to help us brighten up our little one’s look. We can go for shades that surprise as much or more than a print.

Any plain coat can perfectly complete your little one’s “capsule wardrobe”. A practical and aesthetic way to approach fashion in the simplest way possible. And, at the same time, communicating their own identity. Getting an endless number of wonderful looks out of a single garment.

As for prints, the colour palette is increasing, and coats with so much personality may be the perfect proposal to make you forget the plain colours. These coats take centre stage and will make your child look like a real prince or princess. The prints are very cheerful and fun, and that’s how children should feel when they wear them.

It is clear that both coats have their advantages, and resisting them is a complicated task. But with Marae, the decision between plain or patterned becomes a simple one. Either of these options is ideal if it goes hand in hand with our merino wool. Your little one will look elegant and above all happy, which is the most important thing.