Striped shirts in white, blue and red, gold buttons and prints with motifs of anchors, boats… do you know what we’re talking about? The sailor style is back in the shops this spring with the intention of flooding the wardrobes of those who love this peculiar style.

This T-shirt is not just a pretty design, it has a story behind it. Solid colours were reserved for naval officers. Sailors without high ranks wore blue and white stripes in case someone fell into the sea.

The origin of this style dates back to 1930 thanks to the famous Coco Chanel. She was inspired by this style worn by sailors to create her women’s collections, thus incorporating it into the wardrobes of those who dared to follow the trends of the moment. This great designer proved to be one step ahead of the rest, choosing a style that, until then, was not liked by her colleagues.

Sailor style

The influence of the sailor style soon became apparent in the civilian fashion of the early 20th century. From then until today, it has become a fashion icon. So much so that its weight on the catwalks has become more noticeable over the years. Great designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Givenchy or Lanvin have shown a great passion for this characteristic style.

The success of this style is not entirely clear. At the time it may have been the image of bravery and heroism for naval officers. But what it represents, the freedom that the sea evokes, has probably been the trigger for it to endure over time.

Today, this type of garment has become a basic that is present season after season. It adapts to any season, depending on the garment we choose. In winter and autumn it’s the jackets and coats that take centre stage; with the warmer weather, short-sleeved tops become an essential.

At Marae we are such fans of this trend that we have created our VITORIA model: a sailor jacket that will make your little one go hand in hand with this spring’s star trend.