The customer’s way of buying has changed. We no longer only opt for the online option rather than the physical one, but we have become accustomed to ordering to order, contemplating that the brand might have the product we need or the one that best suits what we are looking for. Always unique models. This happens especially with clothing, and an example of this new form of commerce is Marae.

This Spanish firm of warm clothing makes its models to order for the shops it works with, so that it does not have stock. This makes it much easier for them to be able to adjust to the colour or the different variations that the customer requests on the original pattern. “There are some models that coincide in style and colour, but by giving shops the possibility of choosing combinations (more than 20 colours on the menu), the options are endless”, says Raúl Escudero, the company’s manager.

Taking this way of working one step further, new advantages appear. For example, exclusivity. Each garment is made for a particular shop and a particular client. Therefore, it can also be made to measure if needed. Always looking for those unique models. “Having the entire manufacturing process in our facilities allows us to be very flexible”, says Manoli Escudero, manager of Marae.

Unique and unrepeatable

So much so that even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have trusted Marae Kids to dress their little ones. George, Charlotte and Louis have worn the models of this Zamora-based firm at more than one event. But, in any case, if you want to dress your little boy or girl with these models, cut and colour, you only have to ask for it. Manoli and Raúl attend to all their customers equally.

Bet for quality, exclusivity and delicacy! Marae is the coat brand you need for your son or daughter to look like a real prince or princess. And of course, so that they lose their fear of wool, saying that this fabric is itchy. They only use 100% merino wool. Discover all its advantages here.