Dedicating your life to what you love is already a gift. You go to bed thinking about how to improve or where to surprise, and you wake up with the desire and energy necessary to put all those ideas into practice. This is how the firm Marae Kids began more than forty years ago, and this is how Manoli and Raúl Escudero, two brothers from Zamora who have managed to get their coats into the wardrobe of the British Royal Family, continue to do so.

“We dreamed about it, and for us it was a great surprise to see Charlotte on the first day of school with one of our maroon coats”, confessed Raúl with a giant smile on his face. In fact, it was Manoli, the older sister, who discovered it when she saw the issue of British Vogue. “It was an explosion of joy, a reward for a lifetime of work,” said the Escudero sister.

It is important to note that for Marae all clients are equal. Their main objective is to make quality clothes that reach people. And they achieve this. However, it is true that the British Royal Household has made the brand known all over the world. “It makes us very happy to see that they like our clothes”, Manoli pointed out.

Small steps, firm steps

To reach a wider audience, it is not only necessary to have a good product, but also to be in the best shops. In London, where Marae has some of its best customers, its garments can be found in various spaces. In the case of the British Royal Family, they are regular customers of the AMAIA KIDS shop, where they often buy their clothes.

What’s more, Charlotte has had the coat she wore on her first day at school in several different colours. And George had a jacket in blue, before his sister. “We found out about all this later”, Raúl said.

Now the youngest of the family, Louis of Cambridge, has also joined the fashion of his siblings. And, in fact, we can see him wearing the blue jacket that previously belonged to his older brother.