Because they are the ones who take care of us the most, who always pamper us and who never fail us. Mothers are the fundamental pillar of our children. That’s why every May it’s time to thank them in the form of a gift for everything they do for us throughout the year. A coat may not seem like the best option for spring. But… have you ever thought that in this way you are getting ahead of the autumn/winter season and setting a trend? Don’t hesitate and celebrate Mother’s Day with one of our garments from the women’s collection.

Marae, the Spanish company responsible for making the Prince and Princess of Cambridge’s coats, also has a line for women. An original and, above all, “royal” gift. So that mum has no doubt that she is the queen of our house.

In fact, although they are now more focused on the children’s line, Marae has always worked on women’s clothing. In comparison, it can be said that the children’s collection is more classic, and the women’s collection is more modern.

“Marae mujer has always been very important to us. Until a few years ago it was our main customer. And we love it because we can be very creative here”, confesses Raúl Escudero, one of the brand’s managers. However, in recent years, especially in the last year, sales of their women’s garments have fallen sharply in our country.

While Marae Kids and its women’s collection continue to grow internationally, here we can enjoy the variety of its coats at an exceptional price. It’s time to bet on Marca España! And for mum to become a real Marae queen.