One of the highlights in the world of fashion is color. Choosing the right shade is almost as important as the fabric or pattern. Every year, Pantone is in charge of choosing the color that will predominate in the coming months and on which all collections will be based. We talk about fashion, but also about decoration, editorials or whatever is launched during that period.

Despite these trends, at Marae Kids we have managed to create a hallmark associated with the colors of our garments. Every year we present a new collection in which there are essentials such as gray, red and blue. These three colors, although they are presented in different shades, cannot be missing from our designs. When combined with the cut of our coats and capes, they provide the elegance and sophistication of Marae Kids’ identity.

Marae colors

In the 2020/2021 collection, blue has acquired a certain prominence: we find it in three different shades:

  • Navy blue. A classic that gives an elegant touch to any model. In addition, if it is combined with green in the checkered pattern, it acquires a more casual touch.
  • Sky Blue. It seems almost exclusively designed for the smallest of the house.
  • Higher blue. Perfect to fill your outfits with light.

Red can be found in our collection in its purest essence or in varieties that throw more garnet. Likewise, it also appears combined with synthetic fur collars that give the children’s look a modern air.

The third color that cannot be missing in each collection that we present is gray. As with the other two flagship colors of the brand, we find it in different shades. From the lightest versions to the darkest without reaching the charcoal. This color not only adapts to any of our models of coats or capes, but it is perfect to combine it with other colors such as blue or beige.

Although these are the essentials in our collections, other colors such as pink or green also have a prominent place when designing coats and capes. When it comes to identifying a Marae Kids coat, there are 3 aspects that give us away: quality, design and color.