The Ibiza model, could not be any other color than light blue, simulating the crystal clear waters of the coves and beaches of Ibiza, a crystalline blue that transmits peace, tranquility and calm. A color that goes in harmony with the details of its buttons, in brown, typical of the natural environment it has. Matching details on sleeves and hood, with draped fabric. In addition, the addition of the hood is always a plus in coats.
A jacket cut coat, with a neutral color and plain print, which will allow you to combine it with darker colors, try a brown, beige, maroon … play with colors and get different looks every day. This model represents, as we say, the spirit of the island, not only in color but also in fabric. Like all Marae garments, this jacket is made of merino wool, an ideal textile for the little ones.


Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, enjoys a beauty that is enhanced by the natural diversity of the island and its picturesque landscapes, as well as by a privileged marine ecosystem characterized by the presence of dense and well-preserved prairies and by the great variety of species it shelters. In addition, Ibiza is a city declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 1999, is considered the best preserved coastal fortress in the Mediterranean.

The island is a paradise that invites you to fall in love and dream. Therefore, from Marae we wanted to pay tribute to the island with one of our models of the new Autumn-Winter 2021 collection. A model designed for the climatic conditions of the island, mild and wet winters, and temperatures ranging between 15 degrees. An ideal temperature with which you can combine our Ibiza model with an undershirt, pants or skirt. A model inspired by the blue of its clear skies most of the year and its wide range of blues that dominate the beaches of the island.

The island has much to offer to anyone who dares to discover it. We encourage you to discover also the wide range of models that Marae Kids has, and do not miss yours for this autumn-winte