At Marae we are committed to national products. We design and make all our garments in Spain. This provides quality and sustainability in every inch of our jackets and coats.

It is a country with great and deep historical roots in Europe, leaving us a magnificent legacy that we can enjoy in each of its corners. It has a personality of its own, rich in culture, art, gastronomy and entertainment. That is why it becomes every year a favourite destination for many people. And no wonder, Spain is spectacular wherever you look.

We know that every inch of Spain has something special. That’s why we wanted to give a nod to our homeland, naming each of our garments after different provinces of Spain.

Tribute to Spain

Some models, such as Madrid, perfectly evoke the cosmopolitan style of the city. A coat with a classic check print mixed with blue, green and black colours makes this a perfect timeless design.

The Cantabria model represents the elegance of its cities and the charm of its valleys. Its design fits perfectly with all the places of the province. So, it is an ideal garment for those dates when the coolness can appear at any time.

The Tenerife model is ideal for living the thousands of experiences that the island has to offer. Its crystalline beaches, its museums, its culture and its incredible natural spaces together with our model make a perfect synergy.

There are many more models like these waiting for you to get to know them. Each with its own personality, they make you want to visit the whole of Spain with the youngest members of the family.

We are sure they will be glad to see the magical places of our country. And we will also be glad to accompany them in each of their steps. The first of them is to help them learn the names of the provinces of Spain with Marae. Everything starts in childhood and what better way to learn than to do it in a fun and entertaining way, so that they enjoy it and so do you.